Policy Support

The ECO-READY Observatory will provide knowledge on how to deal with shocks and provide guidance for policy makers in case of system disruptions and emerging food security problems. During our project lifecycly, the produced modelling frameworks will allow the continuous update of policy guidance in dealing with shocks and contingencies in case of changing scenarios, new food system orientations or system disruptions.

ECO-Ready policy support tools (under preparation)

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Contingency planning and contingency plan for ensuring food supply and food security

A contingency planning framework will be developed which will be useful for the formulation of a suitable contingency plan. The framework will be developed for the observatory but can be accessed through this link as well.

Quantifying the impacts of selected shocks threatening food security

The tool will provide a quantification of impacts of selected shocks based on project modelling activities. It will allow the consideration of a wide range of policy targets and assess the impact of policies and resilient strategies on sustainability in turbulent times.

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